Elhalasztva - INSPIRE 2020 Conference

Dubrovnik, Horvátország
2020. május 12., kedd 09:00
2020. május 15., péntek 16:00

The 2020 edition of the INSPIRE conference will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia 12-15 May 2020. The motto of this years’ event is “Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together"!   

For the 2020 conference, we propose a focus on

  • sustainable digitalisation (digital transition) and
  • digital sustainability (social, economic and environment) 

in line with the Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030. The idea is to address both, how digitalisation could help towards a more sustainable Europe, but also what are the environmental issues and risks with digitalisation.

Within this context, the role of data and artificial intelligence are central to the transitions, the digital transition and the drive towards a sustainability transition. There is increasing calls to develop digital ecosystem for the environment focussing not only on data, infrastructure but also on algorithms, analytics, insights and applications. This allows a more holistic approach looking at the connection and combined effects of the individual components. We want to discuss the latest evolutions of innovative ways of using data and digital solutions for policy making and implementation for the benefit of achieving the sustainable development goals. This will help guide the future work on existing data legislation, in particular the INSPIRE Directive. The Conference will be an opportunity on how this legal framework can be developed further towards 2030.